CitiairVisa and Transit Visa Requirements

Indian Citizens
A Visa might be required if a stop is being taken in a country for more than 24 hours en route to India.

Transit Visa for Indian Citizens
Indian passport holders may need a Transit Visa while transiting through Europe.
The Transit Visa requirements are also applicable to Indian citizens traveling without a valid US visa (travel from US to India) or on Advance Parole/EAD.
We recommend all Indian passport holders check with the airline they are flying on the Transit Visa requirements for the country they are transiting though before the travel date.
The countries that have strict Transit Visa rules include United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada.

A Transit Visa may be required even if the traveler:
- Does not leave the airport.
- Does not change aircrafts.
- Does not have a halt of more than 24 hours.
Obtaining a Transit Visa may take from 1-15 days and is at the discretion of the Embassy of the country being transited.

Non-Indian Citizens :
Non-Indian nationals need a visa for India. For more details on obtaining an Indian Visa, visit:

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