Citiair knows Middle East

Travelers are booking flights to the Middle East because it offers something for everybody. History buffs appreciate exploring its 2000 year old Roman ruins and millennia of culture, art and philosophy. Beach lovers will enjoy the balmy beaches of the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Food enthusiast will discover the culinary wonders of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant; while others visit the posh nightclubs of Dubai, Beirut and Tel Aviv.

Current hot travel destinations in the Middle East include Dubai, Beirut, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. When you book your flights to the Middle East, bear in mind that the region is home to many languages and cultures as well as the birthplace of three of the largest world religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). The weather in the Middle East varies from Mediterranean to arid dessert and extends to lush forests and snow capped mountains. Spring is one of the best times of the year to book your flights to the Middle East. Summer can be very hot, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in some Gulf Countries but a lot cooler along the Mediterranean. Book your flights to the Middle East on Citiair and discover this most fascinating and diverse region.

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