Citiair knows Beijing

Beijing is a city that somehow manages to balance progress with history. The most conspicuous demonstration of this balance can be seen when visiting the Forbidden City, an ancient palace that still stands proud amongst the skyscrapers popping up throughout Beijing. Beijing is a thriving and vibrant city filled with imperial history, great shopping, delicious food and beautiful parks.

Find out for yourself what makes Beijing such a popular tourist attraction; book your flights to Beijing on When planning your flights to Beijing, it’s a good idea to take Chinese holidays into consideration. Forget about foreign tourist crowds; during holiday seasons, the domestic tourists are the ones flooding the city. Peak domestic travel seasons include the Chinese New Year, Labor Day and National Day. It’s also a good idea to take weather into consideration when planning your flights to Beijing. The most popular time to get flights to Beijing is during September and October, when Beijing has pleasant and warm weather. Relax in one of Beijing’s numerous parks such as Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park, Chaoyang Park and Ritan Park. It’s easy to find flights to Beijing on, so what are you waiting for? Get your flights to Beijing today!

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